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  • Shane Hovito posted 1692 days ago

    Shane Hovito

    O ok Im a bandwagoner?? Ok when was the last time the Yankees were projected to win a title? Sure as hell wasnt this year. Have you seen our DL? But I support them like I have my whole life. And o wait, with all the injuries they're still around .500?? You wanna talk about bandwagoners? The Rays? Price looks like shit early on huh. The Marlins??? I get your probably from Miami cuz lets face it anyone outside there wouldnt give two shits about the U. But come on! I see highlights on TV. I dont think the Marlins have had a sellout since 2003. And when they moved to Miami they tried to buy a title??? HA!!! You cant buy a ring. Trust me I know

    Oh and your Bucs!! Where do they get their money? Its not like they've been relevant the last couple years. All I hear from them is how they spent all this money in free agency and that trade for Revis which btw is gonna blow up in your face like Nnamdi blew up in my Eagles face! But at least Vicks a better QB than Josh Freeman. Give Vick Freemans o-line and see what happens.

    Speaking of bandwagons how those Ravens doing? Lost Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Anquan, Kruger, and for what?? So they can pay Joe Flacco insane amounts of money that he doesnt deserve. Without Ray Rice, Flacco is nothing. Without receivers Flacco is nothing. What is he just gonna chuck up 50 yard bombs to Torrey Smith all day or 4 yard check downs to Rice and Pitta?? And that defense is complete trash especially if Suggs isnt back to his old self. Notice a trend here. Supporting teams that make terrible financial decisions.

    But I could get past all this and countless other things. But to sit here and tell me that Im a bandwagoner when one of your favorite coaches is Eric Spolestra!!! You mean to tell me you think Spolestra is a good coach!?!?!?! The same dude who has 2 of the top 10 players in the NBA??? Are you sure Spolestra is any good or is it Pat Riley calling the shots? Im sorry to enlighten you but Lebron James is the sole reason Eric hasnt been tossed on his ass yet. Telling me that Eric Spolestra is one of your favorite coaches tells me you know absolutely zero about sports. At least Mike Woodson had success before he showed up in NY.

    So now that I've shed some truth into your pathetic life I really must be going. I'll leave you with another show of your ignorance. His name is Manziel. Not Football. Stop trying to be clever like you thought up the nickname yourself. Im actually surprised you didnt refer to Lebron James as "King" James. So with that being said I have to go live seeing as how I just wasted 15 minutes of my life showing your pathetic ass whats good. You and your blowup dolls have a great night and for God sake use protection. I dont think the world can take a half doll, half you spawn of stupidity

  • Small Fundamental posted 1692 days ago

    Small Fundamental

    Oh and stop spamming my page...


  • Small Fundamental posted 1692 days ago

    Small Fundamental

    "Epic ownage"? Hmmmm.... You must be 8........ How come your parents let you use the computer?

    Heat wouldn't even make the post season if they didn't have Lebron so don't talk about Duncan and the Spurs lol....

    I never said I can beat you at basketball. How can I beat you, when you can't even catch a ball? See, your mom sent me a video of you playing basketball (I like to scout my opinions, and I tell you, I almost threw up my lunch). Here's the video:
    I don't think even you should watch yourself play, it's so disgusting.....

    Hmmm what else....... I'm thinking of reporting you, judging by your page, a lot of people don't like you so.... I'll be doing everyone a favor. Hope my report works lol..... *wink*

    Well that's it little sis... you got anymore problems? Cuz down here, this is what we call "epic ownage"


  • Shane Hovito posted 1692 days ago

    Shane Hovito

    Whatever u faggot ass troll. Thats why they made the title game last year right? And so what if they lost. Who could have beat Alabama at the time? Nobody. Sure as hell not the Canes bitch. Trollin pussy u must have a fantastic life

  • Small Fundamental posted 1693 days ago

    Small Fundamental

    Lol I didn't mean video games... I meant real basketball....

    Oh well, it's a start I guess..... Good for you anyway. You won't last a second on the court.

    Anyway if Miami is a super team how come they are dead last in rebounding? Shut up and think loser. That's not the only stat. There are others. Every team has their weakness. Another Miami weakness is, if something happens to Lebron, well, a 2nd round exit it is.

    The Spurs look very good this season. Duncan, Manu & Parker look awesome. They have an awesome coach. Awesome bench. And OKC doesn't have Harden anymore. So we have a bigger chance of reaching the Finals.

    And don't kid yourself, Miami is not going to win this year. It's going to be either Knicks, Spurs or Nuggets.

    1+1=2......... Wow if you didn't know that..... Just wow.....


  • IT'S YO BOI TINKY WINKY posted 1693 days ago


    Don't listen to him man, he likes trolling people

  • Small Fundamental posted 1694 days ago

    Small Fundamental

    Hmm... I thought you died, too bad.

    If you play basketball, you will know that there are NO superteams....

  • IT'S YO BOI TINKY WINKY posted 1730 days ago


    Exactly. The dude is a total douche.

  • IT'S YO BOI TINKY WINKY posted 1731 days ago


    I guess Sahriu Gunawardene reincarnated as Small fundamental. They both possess the unique capability to make inimitably rude and offensive comments out of nowhere.

  • Shane Hovito posted 1735 days ago

    Shane Hovito

    O but you were last year. And the year before that I'll be you were the biggest Packers fan on Earth. So convenient as soon as the Ravens win it all you're a fan now. Why am I still wasting my time with you? O and by the way, the U isnt getting out of the first round