Joe Corrao

Joe Corrao

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I want to animate, while following my dream to be a lion tamer...I would even tame, tame lions. I can bend spoons with the power of my mind, yet I can't find my car keys. I once built a model of the Eiffel Tower out of popsicle sticks for a popsicle stick building competition. Needless to say I won...not that I'm bragging or anything but it was quite a feather in my cap.

Specialties:I specialize in no frill Americana cooking...
I designed and sold money leashes for the hobbiest and professional monkey handlers....I was told in college that it was a growth industry, but it didn't really pan out. I am hoping to sell the movie rights to my story and re-coup my losses (mainly in Burmese hemp futures). Its a story with many twist turns and diversions. I see Matt Damon playing me in the movie...wait not Matt Damon the other guy...Steve Buscemi.

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