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I'm a 32-year old player-turned-coach-turned-writer from Glasgow, Scotland and currently sponsored by adidas Badminton. I was previously the head writer for BadmintonLife.com as well as BetterBadminton.com.

I defected with the then-Sonics to OKC long before it was a bandwagon team and rebelled in my teenage years against my father and his love of the Washington Redskins to support the Jacksonville Jaguars. Which in hindsight might not have been a good idea had I seen the Leftwich-Garrard-Gabbert-Henne quartet starting under centre coming.

I was part of the Guardian newspaper coverage of the 2012 Olympic Games that also seen me featured in the New York Times and as well as in "Saina Nehwal : An Inspirational Biography" that was published in 2012.

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