As thee ultimate talking head on sports, my goal is to provide the unadulterated take or humorous slant when reporting on a newsworthy sports story, team or athlete.

I'll zig where others zag.

I'll instigate thought, but never excoriate a person.

I'll better familiarize readers about a story and never demonize a person for what he's done.

When reporting, I'll look to separate forests from trees and not necessarily give you stats and standings.

My blogs and books are my passion.

Thanks for checking me out.




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  • Odessa Freeman posted 2340 days ago

    Odessa Freeman

    You need to write for the Enquirer or some other rag mag in such an article as you wrote about Kyle Busch and Nascar.. Get a life Man.

  • jeremy batista posted 2570 days ago

    jeremy batista

    You sound like a ex-girlfriend that hasnt got over it. let it go and move on its not like he rap somebody. the man is so important that he could never speak his mind without everybody jumping all over him about it. the heatles is just a locker room nickname let the kid live