The Steel Chair

The Steel Chair

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Ok, so it all started when i was minding my own business. 1961. Some wimpo was being chased by a stronger wrestler. He needed to hide, under the ring he hid. but he didn't hide for long under there. He found a chair to defend himself with! BUT THAT WAS ME HE WAS USING. So that became a trend for 10 years or so. Ten years later. They forced me in a cage with another SMOKING HOT BABE steel yummy chair! They told me too have babies with it. HOW could i refuse? 1971 i had my first chair!. I Named him joey. They forced joey too have kids with momma chair. They said i was "WORN OUT". So you see they put me in a blanket with a steel name tag under me. (SEE PICTURE). I resided there for 25 years. 1996 they wanted to "show me off as the first chair" I WAS SLEEPING. ugh those noisy fans!.. Anyways they put me under the ring again..I saw joey..worn out like me. MY SON, MY CHILD. Oh the HORROR. They had some other new chairs. I wanted too get back in the action..but they were using the other chairs when they picked one out from under the ring. Then i was scared for life..This beer drinking guy with 3.15 on his back threw me into the crowed when he done with me..I still cry..luckily the idiot fanboy forgot to take me with him. (I think he forgot.) I waddled back under the ring. They put me back in the blanket backstage. Showing me on display as the first chair. I'm honored. In 2005 or 2006 a guy died and they blamed it on me! AND BANNED US CHAIRS AKA MY CHILDREN FROM WWE. Well i took a brake backstage, and they see I am in such good shape when ever the wrestlers now pull out a chair, I'm always the one they pick!. Uhh, too this day i don't know what happened to my wife..

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