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  • Moshari Angari posted 1541 days ago

    Moshari Angari

    The problem with Vikings is in coaching; starting with head coach Frazer; as a human being he is a decent person and well respected for that but he seems to be slow to react and adjust during games either he has too much trust in his coordinators as if they just won a Super bowl or he is not really involved in the game's decision making or what needs to be done during the game; when the offensive and defensive calls are ineffectual and keeping the best offensive player on the bench is not a sign of great creativity that also goes with the defensive coordinator who should design more blitz packages and more of Desmond Bishop who should get more snaps I personally think the two rookies from pen state played much better in the preseason than the current starters in their position. Frazer says during his press conferences that he will watch the game to see what went wrong as if he was not there at all, he pretends to be moving while standing still. Poor Ponder he is not allowed to make mistakes hell Rogers , Payton and even Cutler through interception that go for touchdowns but they recover because of their sound or adequate scheme. By the way Ponder suffers from the ill advise decision to start him his rooky season. Quarterback position is the most difficult and demanding position in football. Ponder was forced to start because of Mcnab a player that didn't have any mileage left in his football engine and even his signing was mishandled he should not have been given the starting job they should have signed him as a backup the Vikings have had decent backup by the name of Rosenfels who for some odd reason never got the chance to start if he did then Ponder would have been in much better shape today; look at HOF Staubach and Montana they started a few years after being drafted. Musgrave's business card size calling card is not going to cut it. Last year's wide receivers could not separate from the line of scrimmage let alone defenders to be of any value. He went back to feeding the ball to Peterson it is the easy way to shift the blame instead of devising a passing scheme that would work. This year the Viking receivers are much better than last year's so the Vikings should pass to establish the run that would help AP and extend his career otherwise it will be shorten if he has to face so many players at the line of scrimmage. Unfortunately with these two rigid guys running the Vikings ship nothing will change offensively they will be stuck on the first gear till the clutch eventually burn and the team will move aimlessly and this talent will be wasted. This year is the last chance because next year their defensive line starters are free agents and the Vikings will not be able to sign all of them. If I am the head coach I will either replace this bottleneck or have him open the offense and give Ponder some flexibility to change plays if he sees fit; if it works with Ponder great if not then replace him and start the veteran and it goes with all the players on the team inadequate performers should be bench warmers.