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  • The Doctor Chris Mueller posted 2665 days ago

    The Doctor Chris Mueller

    I may have received some wrong information about which person was appearing in "the event", which is why I deleted the article. I do not however appreciate you coming on there to call me an idiot. You simply could have chosen to correct me and leave it at that but instead you chose to try and personally insult me. Chances are you are some 14 year old douchebag who doesn't have good manners so I probably should not care, but then I read some of your articles and I have to say that you are not a very good writer at all. You leave insulting comments and post insulting articles. People like you are why this site is not thriving the way it once was. It would probably be better for eveyone if you just left, but I know you are most likely stubborn and will not leave simply beacuase I told you to, which is your choice, but do not come onto my articles and insult me or I will make every effort I can to have you removed from the site by the administrators, and believe me when I say it would not be that hard to get you removed. So have a nice day Jackass.