Bo B.

Bo B.


Born and raised Okie (with a short stay in Kansas), I grew up loving Oklahoma State, went to school there, and even taught a few classes there along the way. From my family, I inherit the St. Louis Cardinals (my mom belonged to the generation of Okies that heard Bob Gibson pitch on the AM radio, while my favorite player in all sports growing up was Ozzie Smith). I inherited the Denver Broncos from my wife (it helped that quite a few OSU players where Broncos around the time we got married), and have picked up the Thunder since they moved out this way.

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  • Josh Matt posted 1526 days ago

    Josh Matt

    care for a fan add?

  • Denny K. posted 2514 days ago

    Denny K.

    What's your take on OSU closing conference play?

  • DeAnte Mitchell posted 2576 days ago

    DeAnte Mitchell

  • Matt L. Stephens posted 2578 days ago

    Matt L. Stephens

    Just wondering if you agreed on my thoughts about Robinson. Haven't lived in Oklahoma in a while to follow the team like I used to.