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  • Mali Perica Game, Set and Match posted 1688 days ago

    Mali Perica Game, Set and Match

    "People don't just come out of anywhere to become world No.1 without doping..."

    Nole was 3rd on the ATP list for ages, played a lot of 5 setters against Rafa and others even before 2011, and the only difference is he was losing most of them. He found the way to get to the win, and that's all.

    On the other hand, other player comes out of nowhere at the age of 18, takes everything he plays, and in half a year gets to second place, takes everything in the next 8-9 years on his favorite surface, and a lot out of it and still noone speaks of doping??? And being injured half the time, giving him the greater "aura" of a fenomenon???

    And hiding a personality behide a tic, or even bumping into an opponent on the way to the bench (Rosol ar Wimby) is normal when it's your favorite player???