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My name is Mike and I write Greg Schiano jokes for food. Long ago, I taught mathematics in suburban South Jersey. During standardized test sessions, I wrote articles for Football Outsiders and the New York Times. Eventually, schools began giving so many standardized tests that I was a full-time writer who proctored tests as a side job. So I quit proctoring tests. I covered the NFL for Sports on Earth for two years. Now I am at Bleacher Report, sharing statistical nuggets and offbeat observations while waiting for Congress to appoint a Poet Laureate in the category of Johnny Manziel Tweets. 'Cuz I like my odds.

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  • Roo Mal posted 3 days ago

    Roo Mal

    'I thought it was a miraculous run and I read Micheal Shermer books' Lol, it all makes sense now. You and the Football Outsiders crew are part of the Skeptic Community. I 'joined' read 'Why do people believe Wierd Things'. For a great Phil 101 class. That was back before most High School students I see at work believe Illuminati control everything, and a pharmacist I know told me Hurricane Sandy was created by the Government for 'population control'. Too bad it killed less than the births that day.
    Psuedo-Science, disinformation and superstition are descending to Medieval levels lately. From ridiculous 'Momentum' arguments during football games with buddies, to the impossibility of history teaching to generations who believe its all a lie because the Illuminati are never mentioned. 33% of Americans believe in Conspiracy theories. In NYC, legions of young educated professionals, women I met believe medical docs are quacks, evidence based Medicine is a sham. Only holistic, homeopathic organic gluten free acupuncture will cure them. And God forbid you get vaccinated while you're dating one.
    Higher Ed should be teaching skepticism, like I learned about... but it isn't, or how good that young pharmacist be arguing with me the Government creates hurricanes with secret technology beams in Alaska to kill the East Coast? Its truly ridiculous and not as funny as it should be. Its real.
    Every bad call that decides a game, brings out "ITS ALL FIXED" by Vegas and Gangsters taking bets... by a population already believing a whole lot of other BS. I know someone who stopped watching 10 years ago, and makes fun of me for continuing to watch. They were betting though...

  • Mike Tanier posted 6 days ago

    Mike Tanier

    Roo, my readership went up quite a bit since the Walkthrough and SoE days.To be blunt, I am not reciting poetry with bongos at the Coffee a Go Go so much anymore. And I love it. Also, I have no idea how to report spam and have always welcomed both informed at batpoop crazy criticism. Johnnie Walker makes the best whiskey they can, and they don't screen who drinks it! Thanks for following me from the indie sidestage days!

    Thanks too, Cornelius!

  • Best writer on BR

  • Roo Mal posted 18 days ago

    Roo Mal

    Mike, did your readership go up from going on Bleacher? I see 100K reads, what was the usual Walkthrough Traffic? The level of butthurt commenting, is it worth it? I hate having anything open to commenting, really, your SOE stuff was the only thing I ever commented on. I asked, you answered.
    I love your responses below. "I live in terror of commenting." lmao. And How the hell do you sign up with a name like 'Buy Medications at Low Prices?" Dude's got his own profile page. There isnt a 'report spam' anywhere. Even the profile has fellow spammers commenting. Something tells me Buy Medications at Low Prices is your new sponsor, lol.

  • Bill Gillespie posted 39 days ago

    Bill Gillespie

    I am a Jaguars fan and you are a genius. Your article was so true and to the point. I do appreciate the kind words and hope. You have a unique gift of telling the bad stuff with accuracy and make it palatable. Keep writing. It is a pleasure to read your work.

  • Super Grande posted 71 days ago

    Super Grande

    You should open up the comments section otherwise the Sam article presents itself as a calculated example of unbalanced journalism.

  • Steve Piper posted 72 days ago

    Steve Piper

    Really enjoyed the article, insightful, informative with a bit of humor mixed in. As the public reads, (awaits, clamors for) info on a specific topic it pays more attention to opinions than it does cold hard facts. While your article obviously states your opinions I thought it showed some due diligence on the research side.
    I am curious if you know of (or have ever written) an in depth perspective on how a coaching staff operates.

  • Mark Seabolt posted 72 days ago

    Mark Seabolt

    Mike, this was a great article. I absolutely disagree with the media circus theory harming Sam's chances. Perhaps the threat of an Oprah Winfrey tell-all scared away the Rams, but there was no national media attention to speak of when he was on Dallas's practice squad. Still he got cut. Jerry Jones does not fear the media or controversy so you will never convince me the potential for a media circus caused Sam to be cut. Instead, I blame it on something much more simple. Sam is not NFL caliber material. And I have to tell you, I'm not a fan of the media's hypocrisy here. My perception is that a lot of the media believes Sam is getting stiffed because of his sexual orientation. They are quick to point out that he was the SEC Defensive player of the year. Ok.. awesome. Doesn't mean his game translates to the NFL. Much like SEC and National Champion QB Tim Tebow's game didn't transfer to the NFL. But nobody brings up the fact Tebow is a National Champion and how he must obviously be getting screwed due to his conservative and religious beliefs. No, Tebow is out of the NFL because he's not good enough; but Sam, he's out of the NFL because he's gay. I don't now and never will buy it. NFL teams are motivated to win. If Sam helps a team get to the SB, he will be on the roster. If he doesn't help out with that goal, he will be cut. Good job sacking Johnny "buck 20 when wet" Manziel. But can you tackle Marshawn Lynch? Can you contain? Can you cover the occasional pass? Maybe he can, but the Rams and the Cowboys say no. That being said, I wish Sam all the luck in the world. I believe if he's good enough, he will be on a team. I believe if he's not good enough, he won't. I believe the NFL to be the ultimate meritocracy. So much so that they are willing to give people like Richie Incognito and Ray Rice (yes he will have a job again) another shot. Who comes with more media circus risk? A proven wife beater or a gay man? Only 13 states don't allow gay marriage, but I'm pretty sure beating your wife is illegal in all of them accept Mississippi. Again, I don't buy that "he's out because he's gay" argument.

  • Andrew Becker posted 72 days ago

    Andrew Becker

    Well, Mike, he probably wants more of a discussion/debate with people, but since most people don't visit the Bulletin Board of the writers that much, he probably wants it to be on a more open forum of discussion (I.E The Article comment section) which I would be happy to talk about it with him, but we obviously can't because we are stuck not being able to discuss the issue on the article.

  • Mike Tanier posted 72 days ago

    Mike Tanier

    That is an editorial decision. Also ... what would you say there that you do not feel free to say here?