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My name is Mike and I write Greg Schiano jokes for food. Long ago, I taught mathematics in suburban South Jersey. During standardized test sessions, I wrote articles for Football Outsiders and the New York Times. Eventually, schools began giving so many standardized tests that I was a full-time writer who proctored tests as a side job. So I quit proctoring tests. I covered the NFL for Sports on Earth for two years. Now I am at Bleacher Report, sharing statistical nuggets and offbeat observations while waiting for Congress to appoint a Poet Laureate in the category of Johnny Manziel Tweets. 'Cuz I like my odds.

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  • Rocky Brown posted 13 days ago

    Rocky Brown

    Read your article this morning re; bad Quarterbacking. Regarding Kapernick, as one player or former player spoke of a week or so ago (was it shady?), Kapernick isn't good enough to mitigate the distraction he brings. You can rest assured if he was as good as Peyton Manning he would have already been signed, distraction or not. That's a perfectly legitimate reason to not sign him. All NFL coaches and General Managers first obligation is to run the organization the way they think best, not to be social justice warriors as you would apparently like them to be. You might also consider that many owners (like many fans) may strongly disagree with his form of protest. If so they have every right to not sign him on that basis. It's also their right to choose to disclose that or not, more than likely because they don't want to deal with the negative publicity (unjustified) that it would bring. Don't blame them at all. Some of us happen to believe disrespecting the flag is more important than football. As for insulting someone's intelligence, pretending this issue isn't all about your liberal politics insults my intelligence. If anyone needs to admit anything, you should admit your politics is why you media liberals keep harping on Kapernick. Of course you dont want to do that publicly do you? Oh, what a coincidence, that is the same thing you are accusing football teams of (not stating their true motivation). Leave your liberal politics out of sports. I have already chosen to unplug completely from ESPN for that reason, and may do the same with BR if you continue being political.

  • fatihin nurul posted 16 days ago

    fatihin nurul
  • Badan Singh posted 17 days ago

    Badan Singh

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  • William Berry posted 34 days ago

    William Berry

    Fear mongering on the Panthers is fruitless. Cam will be Cam.....

  • David Lang posted 62 days ago

    David Lang

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  • Michael LaRocca posted 82 days ago

    Michael LaRocca

    I have no comment on your odds. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

  • tushar upwork05 posted 105 days ago

    tushar upwork05

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  • Paul Bailey posted 111 days ago

    Paul Bailey

    Mr. Tanner, From your list of the best teams, I want you to break the leg of the starting QB in week 5 of their season and tell me what their final record would have been? Brady, Starr etc gone in week 5, exactly are they on this list at all? Now, without the starting QB would any of these teams be first in offense, and defense for the season? Doubt it. So redo your list and remove the starting QB and go undefeated, not gonna happen.

  • Alfred Fischer posted 111 days ago

    Alfred Fischer

    Just read your all time football rankings. I might argue with the actual rankings, but the writing was so beautifully done that I am dazzled into conceding all points. Whatever they were. I forget. Poetry.

  • Michael LaRocca posted 116 days ago

    Michael LaRocca

    According to Marvin Lewis, it's okay to punch a woman in the face, as long as you don't dance in the end zone afterward.