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My name is Mike and I write Greg Schiano jokes for food. Long ago, I taught mathematics in suburban South Jersey. During standardized test sessions, I wrote articles for Football Outsiders and the New York Times. Eventually, schools began giving so many standardized tests that I was a full-time writer who proctored tests as a side job. So I quit proctoring tests. I covered the NFL for Sports on Earth for two years. Now I am at Bleacher Report, sharing statistical nuggets and offbeat observations while waiting for Congress to appoint a Poet Laureate in the category of Johnny Manziel Tweets. 'Cuz I like my odds.

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  • soccer livescore posted 3 days ago

    soccer livescore

    Once basketball is discovered, that hoop is actually an important basket, for that reason the company name basketball. As time began, the important backboard turned out to be bigger, although rules developed, the net sale was applied.

  • Mark Nevelow posted 11 days ago

    Mark Nevelow

    I've been reading you since the NYT, followed you to SoA, and now to Bleacher. My point being I'm a big fan of your work. Frankly, I think the Times should have given you the Frank Rich/Joe Nocera treatment, and offered you an Op/Ed spot. But I'm probably in the minority on that.

    That preface exists to take any sting out of the tiniest quibble I have with your current articles. Can you please add captions to the photos? I don't eat this stuff for breakfast, so I can't identify everyone by face alone. If it's meaningful enough to provide a picture, shouldn't it be meaningful enough to identify the subject?

    Thanks. I will, of course, keep reading, whether the pictures make any sense or not.

  • Jeffery Roy posted 12 days ago

    Jeffery Roy

    Thanks for the heads up on PFR's Team Game Finder. I'm familiar with their play index tools, but my attention was always diverted to the Additional Criteria area of the TGF page. The temperature entry on the lower left had eluded my tunnel-vision all this time.

    BTW, your contributions to B/R are most entertaining and you represent the best addition to the staff since Matt Bowen. Sports on Earth's loss has been our gain.

  • Jeffery Roy posted 14 days ago

    Jeffery Roy

    Mike, on your NFL Divisional Playoff Picks article, I'm curious as to what source you used for Peyton's performance in certain weather conditions. I believe the data is recorded in the NFL gamebook on a game-by-game basis, but was interested in who compiled the figures listed in your piece.

  • Christopher Dunn posted 19 days ago

    Christopher Dunn

    Hi Mike,

    I disagree completely with the "interference call" standing. As former NFL official Gerry Austin has explained, there was NO "material" interference because both players had their backs to the ball, neither was making a move for the ball, and the ball hit the defender in the back. And as Mr. Austin also explained, there were other penalties on that play that should have been called against both players. So, the end result should have been, as you note, a 3 and short, rather than 4 and short.

  • Chris VanVliet posted 39 days ago

    Chris VanVliet

    You must be from Pittsburgh OR you have forgotten that the Ravens are in the AFC. I will hit you back after the Steelers lose and the Ravens meet either the Broncos or the Patriots. Heck, the Steelers are going to lose this weekend!!!

  • Mike Hickey posted 47 days ago

    Mike Hickey

    With all your hating on Santa Claus this week, how could you fail to call out the elf in Rudolph who throws the toy bird out of the sleigh without an umbrella--after it has CLEARLY stated that it cannot fly!? Surely there's a Nick Novak gag in there somewhere?

  • Quinn Baker posted 54 days ago

    Quinn Baker

    Mike, I would like to inform you that the name of your weekly post has been lifted from my site. I came up with that name for articles on sports I was writing about 4 years ago. At that time I wanted to get Bleacher Reports attention and hash tagged your company in all of my posts. Obviously, someone lifted that name and gave it to you for your article, which is nice, but at the same time it is not an original name and certainly I get no credit for it at all.

    As a writer I am sure you would feel some type of anger in seeing something you came up with not given proper recognition and due. I would like something to be done about this and I am willing to speak with whomever to get this figured out.

    I thank you for your time and I have copied my tumblr site so you know that what I am saying is true. Best of luck to you on the writing and I hope to hear from you soon.

  • Voodoo Magic posted 63 days ago

    Voodoo Magic

    As a long-time reader of this site (and a one-time contributor), I just wanted to say that your contributions to this site have been a revelation. Your articles are very informative, highly readable, and occasionally moving (i.e. your Lovie Smith-Bears piece). I can say with honesty that you are the only person on this site that I track with regularity; almost every I look to see, has Mike Tanier posted an article today?

    Keep up the great work!

  • Buzz Drinny posted 81 days ago

    Buzz Drinny

    Dear Mike. I follow your column with interest.
    With that in mind, I think your stance on the Steelers has gotten stale.
    Your angle seems to be "they are old." If they perform well, they win despite being so old. If they lose, they are really showing their age. We get it.