Steven Culps

Steven Culps


I truly enjoy talking and discussing sports topics, staying informed, and take in all I can for sports-related news. Living in and out of Detroit, I have always been a fan first and rooted for the local squads, during the good times and bad (see 2003 Tigers or the 2001-07 Lions). I have an opinion about all the major league sports, and I'm not afraid to use it. I will respect and value everyone's view and take on a wide realm of conversations, but I tend to not believe everything you hear on the various sports channels or read in the local rag. Words get twisted in order to make "news". I have no interest in doing this. I plan on sharing, should I say unleash, my takes on the world so I can sleep well at night. Blogs should be an interactive activity, and feedback and comments are always welcomed. OK... OK... I know that this is beginning to sound like some kind of mission statement, and I suppose in certain ways, it is. But you need to do know what side of the tracks I stand on.

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    Ken Armer

    Thanks for the add