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  • Ropati Lusiano posted 314 days ago

    Ropati Lusiano

    you know that i am part mexican and how old are you you are so pretty

  • Reborn Reyes posted 443 days ago

    Reborn Reyes

    Mexico vs Portugal, you plan on going?

  • The Mantisity posted 469 days ago

    The Mantisity

    Dammit your hot.

  • Anti Diva posted 470 days ago

    Anti Diva

    Gracias. You look a little bit like a Bella lol.

  • Anti Diva posted 474 days ago

    Anti Diva

    Excelente! Estoy aprendiendo espanol mas.

  • Anti Diva posted 474 days ago

    Anti Diva

    Puede jugar?

  • The Count posted 475 days ago

    The  Count


    how are you?

  • ryann cennts posted 476 days ago

    ryann cennts

    ur fine!!!!!

  • Marco Madrid posted 477 days ago

    Marco Madrid

    Are you serious about Ochoa being Mexico's goalkeeper? Ochoa is out of his prime, he performed average at best vs. Panama & Costa Rica. Jose Corona or Alfredo Talavera would both be much better options, I think even Moises Munoz would do better than Ochoa. Did you all the amazing saves Munoz made against Tijuana yesterday? And I say that as a Chivas fan.