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  • Sports Lover posted 925 days ago

    Sports  Lover

    Worthy being a genius?

  • Sonic posted 937 days ago


    Yep your heels of wrestling. I'm not stupid and I know this little number from your real account. #goaway!

  • Sonic posted 966 days ago


    so you did use a dictionary and a thesaurus to help you write that comment. I'm impressed! try again Mr.Sandow or HoW if you ask me. you just been busted.


  • BRYAN HART posted 977 days ago


    your welcome

  • BRYAN HART posted 977 days ago


    Wow you're use of and auto correct is amusing, a while you think you have made a grand counter point by posting a novel on my profile, all you have done is feed into it just like all the other people on this site, you are all the same, if you really were smart you would have ignored me, but yet you took the time to type all that out you sir, are the personification of an ignoramus

  • Sonic posted 983 days ago


    Im sorry but didn't you job to Ryback and John Cena before? oops guess i spoiled your future haha now tell me where's eggman!

  • I will gladly answer your questions Mr. Sandow! Your first question asked me to explore the history of america and enlighten the unwashed masses by telling them that the 18th president of the United states is none other than Ulysses S. Grant!

    Your second question you decided to turn up the heat by giving me a question regarding the youngest volcanic mountain on mars, which of course is Olympus Mons.

    As for your third and final question, it was John Sullivan that led the burning throughout south east america.

    You're Welcome.

  • Parastou Zadeh posted 988 days ago

    Parastou Zadeh

    hahaha that's amazing! I bet he won't understand it though lol

  • Y? cane eye bee ur aprentce?

  • Hay eye thInks ur grate!