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For the same reasons that penny stocks can make so much money quickly, they can also lose you a lot of money rapidly, which is a big reasons for being careful in buying penny stocks. Another reason is that penny stock investing is risky due to shady and outright fraudulent practices of individuals involved in marketing and selling penny stocks. It is often hard to get authentic information to evaluate hot penny stocks as firms that issue these stocks are not legally required to file financial reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Various tactics may be used to attract unsuspecting investors into buying penny stocks and as a ploy to drive up the stock price; insiders may sell of their stock at a high price. The sell-off drops the stock value sharply and the investors take a big loss and it is normally, for investments with the greatest potential rewards to have the greatest potential risks. But in purchasing penny stocks, the relatively large number of frauds, makes the risk much higher than what would occur just from the whims of the market.

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