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I was born in Wayne, New Jersey and I've never really left the cel that is Northern New Jersey. I spent my college years at the illustrious Montclair State University and rotted away hanging in the basements, writing to get a second opinion and the game was always on in the background. Basketball was my first love and I think it's mainly due to two factors: my dad's love for the game and Michael Jordan.

Basketball was always there in my life. When I was young, I gobbled up baseball in the summers while going through my basketball withdrawls and my football fanship has been benefited by the Steelers being the Steelers and my absolute hate for the Giants and Jets.

As a fan who follows his favorite teams religiously, I have learned to root against all the local teams because of fair weather fans. There's nothing worse than someone who is quiet when their team goes 5-11 (aka Jets fans) and then come out of hiding when their team has a hot-start (aka Jets fans).

The same goes with all the rest of the local teams. The Giants have been a good team, but the mere idea that Eli is significantly better than Big Ben rattles my soul. Knicks fans agree with whatever the media is telling them is going on with the team. Rooting for the Yankees is like putting money on Germany in World War II and Mets fans only talk big in the off-season (which is like buying stock in "Rebuild Hiroshima" effort to continue the metaphor). Nets fans are probably the best of the bunch, but let's see the desperation they show after taking the Hawks spot as the team that looks good all regular season and goes down easy in the playoffs role.

All of this disdain is because I root for the underdog, and New York's stars are treated like kings and queens. The fact that all season long I can watch all the New York teams is the reason my hate for them is so developed. Similarly, I developed anger towards Shaq's early 2000's dominance because I always wanted outlaws like Rasheed Wallace and Mike Bibby to get rings, but Shaq and Kobe always got through Portland and Sac-Town. For the record, it was wonderful to see Rasheed get that ring in Detroit though.

As a writer, I continue to write in various forms and sports writing is just another one of them. I am really passionate about my teams and if you met me in person, you would have no problem identifying that quality quickly. I also have found the same interest in music and film, which both fall into the passions category for me.

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  • Howie Claw posted 432 days ago

    Howie Claw

    Did he quit writing? I hope so.

  • Jealous CowBoy posted 444 days ago

    Jealous CowBoy

    I hope you suicide.

  • Jim Falk posted 452 days ago

    Jim  Falk

    You are officially the most hated person on the internet now! LOL As a racist person, you should really keep stuff to yourself. with the internet and all, things travel pretty fast.

  • Sensible One posted 452 days ago

    Sensible One

    Why did you change the headline photo of Lin? I thought you love the old one because you psychopath like to see other people in pain.

  • Jim Falk posted 453 days ago

    Jim  Falk

    since when did they let 5th graders post articles on this website?

  • Garrett McDivitt posted 453 days ago

    Garrett McDivitt

    In regards to your question about using full names when two players have the same last name: It's always important to keep it clear about which person you are talking about. I'd use full names when the people are used in the same sentence or thought. When they're both being talked about in the same paragraph as a compare/contrast you can just use first names. Hope this helps.

  • Barry Tu posted 453 days ago

    Barry Tu

    Since when did bleachers allow 5th graders write articles on here?

  • Twin Towers posted 453 days ago

    Twin Towers

    Re: Houston Rockets: 5 Point Guard Options Not Named Jeremy Lin

    Seeing how moderators removed your appalling comment where you gleefully shared the backlash from the Asian community was a surprising bonus to your article, I feel it's noteworthy to remind any visitor Mike De Moor is a misguided youngster with a narrow and dangerous perspective on diversity and community. His status as a BR contributor underscores the pervasive criticism this site has received for empowering under qualified writers to go unvetted before publication.

  • Sensible One posted 454 days ago

    Sensible One

    I officially present you the "getting the most sh*t from readers in the shortest time" award.

  • Sensible One posted 454 days ago

    Sensible One

    I warn you, don't even try to delete my comments, or else I will make a formal complaint to the b/r management, I know you have been deleting some comments. If you have the guts to write POS, no matter you win or lose the debate, just leave it on, don't cowardly delete them.

    The following is the full version of my comment:

    Default-user-icon-comment Sensible One posted about 5 hours ago Contributor I

    Just look at the photo of Lin you picked, the readers will know right away, you are a racist. Do you like seeing people's face like that? If yes, then you are as evil as Mchale. That shot was taken when Lin was crying while he thought there was nobody around. The reason of him crying : because he has never seen any coach treating a player as bad as McFail treating him. The worst part is that Lin thinks that coaches are always right, but this time, Lin is wrong, and he is not the kind of guys like to make noise to complain.

    P.S. Mchale had issues with players before, but he doesn't have the guts to treat any other players like he has been treating Lin. Just watch this video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZqJuDwzzuY

    As a result, Parsons got to play a lot more minutes than Lin.

    One more note, you are the 5th b/r writer I added to my "DO NOT READ list".
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    Imagescavmvat7_crop_45x45 Leena Becker posted about 5 hours ago Contributor I

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    Default-user-icon-comment Sensible One posted 38 minutes ago Contributor I

    Thanks Leena!
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    Default-user-icon-comment Eugene Reiss posted about 3 hours ago Contributor I

    I saw the play. Lin was not crying. He was in pain after being thrown for a bad fall when he was at full speed attacking the basket.
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    Default-user-icon-comment Sensible One posted 34 minutes ago Contributor I

    Of course I know Lin was in pain, I just want to tell the other side (hidden side) of the story. Let me ask you, would you make fun of people while they are in pain? Of course not, right? That also proved the writer is the lowest kind of COWARD.
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