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  • Zander Freund posted 1961 days ago

    Zander Freund

    Awesome work with your last two articles Ross! Keep the great stuff coming, and make sure to let me know if you have any questions.


  • Ross Messinger posted 1964 days ago

    Ross Messinger

    I'm enjoying the highs and lows of the Grand Prix weekends. Friday always begins with some big surprise that a team have magically pushed themselves to the top of the pecking-order in practice. Saturday morning is then media-morning, where this super-fast team dismisses its dominance. By Saturday night and after qualifying, the press are beginning to doubt the team's supremacy, and Sunday we see the team right at the back again and everybody has forgotten about them. It's McLaren's turn this weekend, so, being Friday evening, there is big hype that they are back to their winning ways. Interesting.

  • Ross Messinger posted 1975 days ago

    Ross Messinger

    We probably didn't need the rain in Malaysia, it was always going to be a good race. Then once the heavens did open, it just added some spice to what was already an enthralling afternoon. I'd have liked to have kept the downpour in reserve for a processional race such as in Spain or Valencia, but I'll take what we got!

  • Ross Messinger posted 1978 days ago

    Ross Messinger

    So Ferrari have finally knocked Williams from their practice stranglehold - that's encouraging for the Italian team. I would be cautious however, that Brawn and Williams were relatively further down the timesheets that what would be expected, which suggests that they were perhaps sand-bagging, or running wetter setups. Tomorrow should be interesting...

  • Ross Messinger posted 1979 days ago

    Ross Messinger

    Lewis penalised again? Seriously? The FIA needn't worry about F1's dissolving level of trust, they are doing a nice enough job of making a mockery of the sport themselves. When has a lie ever influenced a race result? I mean, really.