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I'm Bret Hart the greatest thing that ever lived and I am a billion times better than HHH. In 1997 I was screwed because of HHH. Everything I do is better than HHH's best accomplishments. I love Alberto Del Rio. My career was a joke until I was a part of the overrated top the Montreal Screwjob. I am the best there is the best there was and the best there ever will be. And I am so sexy and good in the ring. I hate HHH. At Wrestlemania I want to team with the 2nd best wrestler ever Alberto Del Rio VS Big Show and HHH W/Special Guest Ref Katy Perry in a bitterness match. So yeah bye.

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  • Jordan Massey posted 434 days ago

    Jordan Massey

    add me as a fan

  • Jordan Massey posted 435 days ago

    Jordan Massey

    your the best wwe man ever please add me as a fan

  • Sin Cara posted 527 days ago

    Sin Cara

    Where in the blue fuck have you been?

  • Tyson Jones posted 563 days ago

    Tyson Jones

    Thanks for the compliment, and sorry I can't do your request. I may very well do something for Christian upon his return though.

  • Tyson Jones posted 564 days ago

    Tyson Jones

    I would but I only know Edge, Christian, Jericho, Stratus, and Bret. I didn't watch when Bret and Trish were wrestling (I've only seen videos,) and I only know the later half of Edge's career (MiTB and beyond.)

    Granted, I could do a full article on Christian easily, but him and Jericho are about it.

  • Dan Riaz posted 564 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    Hi Bret!