Born in Okinawa Japan in 1960. Came to the U.S. in 1961. Moved to S.D. in 1963 and a bolt fan since 1966. Grew up in Bonita Ca. Played Linebacker @ Southwestern Community College. Last attended S.D.S.U. Moved to Reno NV. in 1986 and have been here every since. Supporting the Chargers is my passion (next to my relationship and committment to God.) Coolest thing growing up was when my cousin Barrry Darrow was drafted by the Chargers in 1973. Greatest single draft in NFL history. ( credit Tommy Prothro ) After a pre-season game cousin Barry took me down stairs to meet Jonny Unitas. He gave me an Autograft ball. Priceless. God bless da Bolts!

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  • Autumn Wind posted 2215 days ago

    Autumn Wind

    Boltz will suck this year!!

    Silver & Black all day!!!!

  • Autumn Wind posted 2341 days ago

    Autumn Wind

    I do think it's really something, you've been a fan of the super chokers longer than most these dipshit frat boy choker fans on BR have been alive. however you're still a dellusional a-wipe. laters :D


  • big nye SD4life posted 2383 days ago

    big nye SD4life

    Hi Pricky, remember me? Its me, Big Nye great showing by yer Dolts. I told you fools the Chargeless were 1 and done in the playoffs. Next year it's the cellar of the AFC West for you chokers. Happy MLK Day

  • Sayre Bedinger posted 2412 days ago

    Sayre Bedinger

    "Supporting the Chargers is my passion (next to my relationship and committment to God.)"

    Maybe you need to reflect that a little bit better. The second half, that is.