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  • Ash Marshall posted 1677 days ago

    Ash Marshall

    Hi Jessica,

    I just wrote a piece about the Winter Olympics. While it's centered around Team USA, I though you might enjoy reading it, especially considering you have blogged about winter sports in the past.

    I'd love to hear what you think.



  • Cameron Britt posted 1690 days ago

    Cameron Britt

    The "reply" button hates he, so I'll respond this way...
    I've had to cut back a lot.
    When I first started writing here, I had a () in just about every paragraph.
    (Now, it's more like every two or three...awww [beaver dwelling]it! Here I go again!)

  • Cameron Britt posted 1690 days ago

    Cameron Britt

    Thanks for the edits (and the positive feedback, parentheses were made for humor, IMO, and that's what I strive for)

  • C Douglas Baker posted 1690 days ago

    C Douglas Baker

    Thanks for the edit Jessica!

  • Todd Kaufmann posted 1693 days ago

    Todd Kaufmann

    Jessica, thanks so much for your edits and feedback. Much appreciated

  • Cameron Britt posted 1694 days ago

    Cameron Britt

    Thanks for the edits and positive feedback.

  • Andrew Brining posted 1695 days ago

    Andrew Brining

    Thanks so much for those edits on a relatively long piece.

    The work is much appreciated.


  • Eric Gomez posted 1698 days ago

    Eric Gomez

    Thank you for the edit, Jessica. I'm glad you enjoyed the article!

  • Erin McLaughlin posted 1700 days ago

    Erin McLaughlin

    Thanks for the edit jessica. Your feedback is helpful.

  • Alabama Voodoo posted 1701 days ago

    Alabama Voodoo

    Thanks Jessica