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Writing is a passion of mine, and so are the New Orleans Saints! Why not join those two passions and begin to pen my prolific thoughts about this awesome year!

I've been a Saints fan since I was knee-high to a june-bug, or, at least since I was able to watch the tube on Sunday afternoon. Locale and just a touch of stubborn have kept me with this team since the early 80s. They are part of who I am, which is how most Saints fans feel.

I love writing and I love to edit, so I became an English teacher. Technology has provided me an opportunity to get out of the classroom and start helping teachers. That's what I do now, during the day anyway. It seems I've become an NFL junkie this year, having never really cared about anything else in the NFL except the Saints for so long. I care now! Everything else affects my Saints run for the bowl, so I watch closely! I am looking forward to many years of rooting for an elite team, FINALLY!

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