Jorge Lauzardo

Jorge Lauzardo

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Long time Miami Hurricane fan. My first memories of the Canes was sitting in a mostly empty Orange Bowl and usually watching my Canes get dismantled by some other Team. I was there at the great Gator flop. Was one of 19,000 some odd folks when we upset then #1 Texas on Joey Abussie's unbelievable fumble, I was at the OB when Doug Flutie launched his prayer towards the West end zone, and that same year I was there when Frank Reich led the most amazing comeback in College football history. AAhhh, but I was also there in 1983/84 when we beat Nebraska for our fist Title. So I'm even. Anyway, suffice to say, been around the program awhile. Grew up in Miami. Recently moved to Puerto Rico, but have tons of contacts , and buddies still in South Florida. I stay involved with the program and I'm rooting for Randy, we shall see where this latest adventure takes us right?

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