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Tony Fay

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Just a regular guy who works in a factory making Kleenex Products who wishes he would have gone to college when it was offered to me. Been a Trojan Fan since the early 70's during the John McKay Era. I have personalized plates on my GMC Crew Cab Pick up that read TNY TRJN (Tony Trojan). I LIVE,EAT,SLEEP USC Trojan Athletics! Mainly Football, but support Trojans in all athletics! I am the Uncle and/or Great Uncle to 42 kids as I am from a large Irish Family hailing originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I myself was born and raised in Orange County California and reside in Buena Park, California where I was a graduate of John F. Kennedy High School. I mentioned my large family...I am the youngest of 8 children (7 of us boys and our sister). When I Die, My Wish is that I am buried in a Cardinal and Gold Casket and that the Trojan Marching Band "The Spirit of Troy" will Play CONQUEST at my funeral.

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