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  • Trent Caelson posted 1754 days ago

    Trent Caelson

    Thanx for having a legit convo. on the article about Cullivers comments on gays in the lockeroom. The difference between gay marriage and shellfish is the imorality. God outright said that sleeping with someone of your own sex is a sin. Just like adultry is still a sin. Just like pre-maritial sex is still a sin. These are all moral issues that do not have to change throughout time.

    Things like not eating shellfish however are simply impracticle and have to taken into context. Now I'm not a big fan of shellfish anyway so either way you look at it, there isn't much of a problem there.

    I don't think that if just because you act gay you are necesarily going to hell. That is why Jesus Christ came, to give us extra chances and to clense us of our sins. The path to heaven and hell is very complicated and not quite so simple as if you have pre-maritial sex acouple of times you are automatically damned to hell.

    I don't pretend to know everything about God's plans. I don't think anybody does. I'd love to hear back from you on my page.