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  • Jimmy Spencer posted 1655 days ago

    Jimmy Spencer

    Thanks, Josh!

  • Alex Kroll posted 1681 days ago

    Alex Kroll

    Thanks for becoming a fan of mine

  • Levi Nile posted 1682 days ago

    Levi Nile

    Josh, thanks for being a fan. Loved what you said in your profile!

  • Josh Quiambao posted 1682 days ago

    Josh Quiambao

    BARRY - Rick and Brent, Jon & Drew
    BIBBY - Henry and Mike
    BRYANT - Joe and Kobe
    CHAPMAN - Wayne and Rex
    DUMAS - Rich and Richard
    ELLIS - Leroy and Leron
    FERRY - Bob and Danny
    GUOKAS - Matt and Matt, Jr.
    HIGGINS - Earle and Sean
    HOSKET - Bill and Bill
    JONES - Wali and Askia
    MANNING - Ed and Danny
    MARAVICH - Press and Pete
    McGUIRE - Al and Allie
    MIKAN - George and Larry
    MOUNT - Pete and Rick
    PAXSON - Jim, Sr. and Jim, Jr. & John
    PIATKOWSKI - Walt and Eric
    SALVADORI - Al and Kevin
    SCHAYES - Dolph and Danny
    SZCZERBIAK - Walt and Wally
    VAN BREDA KOLFF - Bill and Jan
    VANDEWEGHE - Ernie and Kiki
    VAUGHN - David and David III
    WALKER - Jimmy and Jalen Rose

    ANDERSON - Willie and Shandon
    BARRY - Brent, Jon and Drew
    BRADLEY - Charles and Dudley
    CORLEY - Ken and Ray
    DAVIS - Brad and Mickey
    DOUGLAS - John and Leon
    FISHER - Derek and WASHINGTON - Duane
    FITZGERALD - Bob and Dick
    GERVIN - George and Derrick
    GONDREZICK - Glen and Grant
    GRANT - Harvey and Horace (twins)
    GUOKAS - Al and Matt, Sr.
    JOHNSON - Eric and Vinnie
    JONES - Caldwell, Charles, Major and Wil
    JONES - Nick and Steve
    KING - Albert and Bernard
    LEE - Ron and Russell
    McCRAY - Rodney and Scooter
    McGUIRE - Al and Dick
    MELCHIONNI - Bill and Gary
    MIKAN - Ed and George
    NATT - Calvin and Kenny
    NORRIS - Audie and Sylvester
    O'BANNON - Ed and Charles
    OGDEN - Bud and Ralph
    OTTEN - Don and Mac
    PAXSON - Jim , Jr. and John
    PEARCY - George and Henry
    PERSON - Chuck and Wesley
    PRICE - Brent and Mark
    PRICE - Jim and Mike
    ROLLINS - Kenny and Phil
    RUSSELL - Campy , Frank and Walker
    SCHEFFLER - Steve and Tom
    SHORT - Eugene and Purvis
    SIMMONS - Connie and Johnny
    SOJOURNER - Mike and Willie
    STITH - Sam and Tom
    THOMAS - Carl and Charles (twins)
    TRAPP - George and John Q.
    VAN ARSDALE - Dick and Tom (twins)
    VINCENT - Jay and Sam
    WILEY - Michael and Morton
    WILKINS - Dominique and Gerald
    WILLIAMS - Gus and Ray

    Evers Burns and Len Elmore
    Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady
    Jevon Crudup and Robert Parish
    Byron Irvin and Doc Rivers
    Stephon Marbury and Jamal Thomas
    Lamond and Tracy Murray
    Willis Reed and Orlando Woolridge
    Danny Vranes and Jeff Judkins

    Robert Parish and Larry Robinson

    Jim Brewer and Doc Rivers
    Walter Davis and Hubert Davis
    Al Guokas and Matt Guokas, Jr.
    Mel Hutchins and Kiki Vandeweghe
    John Long and Grant Long
    John Long and Terry Mills
    Dick McGuire and Allie McGuire
    Ed Mikan and Larry Mikan

    Johnny Townsend and Eric Montross
    Bruce Hale and Brent, Jon & Drew Barry

  • Sam Cooper posted 1683 days ago

    Sam Cooper

    Hey Josh,

    Thanks for reading and becoming a fan. It's appreciated.