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Kumar Kallurupalli

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  • G. McDermott posted 1644 days ago

    G. McDermott

    I disagree with your opinion on the Redskins issue, (but it's your opinion and I'm not gonna judge). But I must say your reply to Mike Zeeman about the originality of his name was COMEDY GOLD!!!

  • Sean Keane posted 1724 days ago

    Sean Keane

    Thanks for taking the time and checking out my work Kumar!

  • Alex Wentzell posted 1757 days ago

    Alex Wentzell

    LOL switching seats was never an option.

    Where I am from, all the Christians I know tend to be very accepting. They follow the bible, but I am sure 95% of them have never read it. It's weird how diverse their religion is.

  • Alex Wentzell posted 1757 days ago

    Alex Wentzell

    I have issues with your reply.
    1.For one you seem to assume that all Christians hate homosexuals. Multiple of the comments you replied to had nothing to do with that. Well the article may have, multiple comments did not.

    2. "Your religion" no where in my post did I state my religion beliefs

    3. This particular class mate I was describing seems to believe that he is a step above of most because of his scientific education, which he obtained form the internet. I swear it is like he found power in preaching about how much he hated preaching. The Irony!

  • Alex Wentzell posted 1757 days ago

    Alex Wentzell

    Kumar, Please not I am attempting to write this with the utmost respect that my hands can type on this lat February night.

    You need to understand that you were merely picked from a crowd of hundreds to which this response could be directed. Today you are simply unlucky. Or maybe you don't really care that much. I'd bet on the latter, but I am not a betting man.

    But I am getting ahead of myself

    So let me began with my main issue with you and others like you. I was sitting in history class next to a gentleman whom on the off chance he reads this shall remain nameless. For about 15 straight classes of sitting next to this gentleman, he preached not about religion but about atheism. About how their is no god. On the fifteenth day, while covering a topic he had discussed many of times beforehand he actually had nerve to say that he had "No problem with religious people, just when they try to shove my religion down my throat".

    BAAF, I retorted

    "You are doing the same thing, you hypocritical f***"

    So that brings me to my question to you and thousands like you. Why do you feel the need to post 20 plus comments encouraging your beliefs and condescending those who don't agree. What is the shame in tipping your hat, and realizing that not everyone agrees with you. Go on r/atheism if you want to chat about that. But really, keep it off Bleacher report forms. You'll notice this is the 3rd most visited SPORTS website.