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Clevelander all my life, love anything Cleveland i guess you gotta be here to understand

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  • Leroy Watson Jr. posted 3127 days ago

    Leroy Watson Jr.

    Happy to help! Looking forward to your next effort!

  • Rain Man posted 3159 days ago

    Rain Man

    I break down why the cavs lost the series. Please read, thanks!

  • Brandon Ribak posted 3159 days ago

    Brandon Ribak

    Wheres your excuse now Cavs fan! Haha, told you the Magic will win.

  • Harrison Moore posted 3172 days ago

    Harrison Moore

    I'll be honest with you I had picked the Magic to win in 5 at the start of it all, but when it came to game 7, I thought Boston would prevail again. Wrong.

    Anyway, yeah if the real Lakers show for the entire course of the series they win in 5-6. If they play topsy turvy they'll be lucky to even make it to 7. This is basically an uncallable series. We'll see how it goes. L.A. will need to start of 2-0

  • Harrison Moore posted 3172 days ago

    Harrison Moore

    Sorry I don't know why I just NOW got that comment.

    1. I thought it was hilarious that Fisher was the first to get physical. You have absolutely no idea. I didn't like the ejection AND suspension, but oh my God I didn't stop laughing.

    2. Scola is up and down, he can't beat you consistently. Give me the Lamar's side in a Odom/Scola matchup anyday.

    3. This is the one I think you were most wrong about. Fisher for some reason decided to play chest for chest defense against Brooks knowing he didn't have the speed to play him that way properly. Farmar was more fitted to that, although it was still stupid of him to play him as tightly as he did.

    At the end of the day L.A. has more to be concerned about than ever.

    I'm not nearly as confident as I was going into this series. I'm going to do another article soon, and in case you think this message is old when it comes up in your play by play, I'm also going to forward it to your wall.

    Again, I apologize for not seeing this sooner. It would have made for a more interesting debate. But I don't doubt that the Lakers will give us plenty to debate next round as well.

    Also, your team will actually have a challenge next round. If you get this before the the end, who do you think takes it Boston or Orlando? I'm going Boston.