Nathan Blunck

Nathan Blunck


I try to be objective, but I may slip into some homerism. If that happens, I will be the Bill Simmons equivalent to the Chicago Cubs. Most of my articles will be researched, but there will also be a few rants.

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  • Chris Radez posted 3365 days ago

    Chris Radez

    Thanks for being a fan!

  • Michael Bergman posted 3365 days ago

    Michael Bergman

    my longhorns beating down the razorbacks? hell yeah I enjoyed it. nearly perfect. now let's just see if we can do that in Big 12 play and most importantly against OU.

  • Michael Bergman posted 3384 days ago

    Michael Bergman

    you like-ah the juice?:

  • Kristin posted 3386 days ago


    Sorry for the completely delayed response...
    Gustav... ahhhh! We lost power Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and it came back early Thurs. morning.
    We ended up deciding on Wed. night to get out of the madness and go to Florida for the weekend.
    We lost 2 trees in our yard...but they didn't fall on our that's good.
    All in all, it could've been worse.
    I just hope Ike doesn't find its way here. :(

    On a sports related note,
    Yeah LSU did well against App St... but then again, it's App St. :)
    Bummer that they cancelled Troy but oh well... legit reason.

    My FFL team lost though :( Due to lack of power/being out of town, I didn't check on my roster...and that resulted in my playing an inactive TE. :(

    Oh well better luck next week :)

  • Michael Bergman posted 3397 days ago

    Michael Bergman

    check out my latest article please!

  • David Nethers posted 3398 days ago

    David Nethers

    Thanks for the comment and the POTD vote, glad to have you in my corner!

  • Brian Hood posted 3403 days ago

    Brian Hood

    hey thanks for the POTD vote Nathan....hope the Cubs can keep it up!

  • Kristin posted 3407 days ago


    Yeah, dreaming....ehh it's the same thing as what anyone would've told a Jayhawk fan before last season the NC hunt??? lol.

    So hey- dream on :)

    May the BCS force be with you ;)

  • Kristin posted 3407 days ago


    Breakup during a game -that's rough!... because if you lose, it makes it that much worse...and if you win...then you can't really celebrate and relish in the fact that you won.

    Man... that's painful. Well we both experienced pain that day then.....just I was mad at Drew Tate and you were mad at.... well your gf.

    Well hopefully this season treats us both better...although I don't know how last season can be topped... aside from the fact that my team won the NC, it was so insane from day one with App St. beating Michigan.... it was the most unpredictable season ever.... I love it like that! lol.

  • Kristin posted 3408 days ago


    Thanks for the comment on my article.

    Yeah, I actually almost went to a Zephyrs game, but it ended up not working out...I might try it again though :)

    Hawkeyes huh?? I'll do my best to forgive ya'll for the Capitol One Bowl :P