Corey Graves Is The Man

Corey Graves Is The Man

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Been watching wwe before i was born. My dad is a big wwe fan since the 90 so i might get this habit from him.Started watching wwe and wcw when i was still a baby. But only started watching properly when i was about 10 years old when it was the attitude era. My favorite wrestler back then was Christ benoit , Rikishi , and kurt angle. Curently i'm studying mechanical engineering and im 18 years old and . Don't really have enough time to watch wwe like i use to. My main show that i watch are Raw and NXT.

Fav Wrestler
Main Roster:
Cm Punk
Tyson Kidd
Zack Ryder
Daniel Bryan
Cody Rhodes
Damien Sandow
Rey Mysterio
Dolph Ziggler
Alex Riley
Drew Mcintyre
Alberto Del Rio

Corey Graves
Dean Ambrose
Seth Rollins
Big E Langston
Leo Kruger
Kassius Ohno
Bray Wyatt

All Time:
Kurt Angle
John Morrison
Brock Lesnar
The Rock
Aj Style
Shawn Michaels
Brian Kendrick
Paul London
Shelton Benjamin
Colt Cobana
Low Ki
Christ Beniot
Big Bos Man
Stone Cold
Triple H

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