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A heel and a red devil for life.I believe from my name you know what I am.

Favorite heels are Cm punk,DZ,Cody Rhodes,Damien Sandow and Sir Wade Barrett.
Favorite wrestler of all time are "sexy boy"Shawn Michaels ,SCSA and Rock,HHH,Kane,D-Bryan,Chris Jericho,Jeff Hardy ,Edge and Christian.
Favorite managers are Jimmy Hart and Vickie Guerrero.
Favorite TNA stars are Aj styles,CD,Kaz,Booby Roode and Double A.
Favorite cricketers are SachinTendulkar ,Ponting,KP and AB
Favourite football writers
1.Terry Carroll/Will Tidey
2.Vince Siu/Max Towle
3. Gianni Vershueren/SamTighe
4.Colin O'brien
5.Tre Atkinson
Favourite wrestling writers are Chimay,Gullo,Hamster Enigma,Kevin Berge,Jon Fisher,Bob Garman,Travis T,GSM,Chris Muller,DVB

I am also a proud member of team#HEEL with @Your Hero,@HoW,@CM mox and heel 2.0

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  • TISHAN VARGHESE posted 323 days ago


    Gerrard is my all time favourite soccer player

  • Jordan Massey posted 348 days ago

    Jordan Massey

    add me as a fan

  • BRYAN HART posted 478 days ago


    OMG HHH realy, when will people learn that he and the rest of the breakfest club are and always will be shit

  • Banned posted 510 days ago


    whats up? you like NFL?

  • Swiss Sensation posted 528 days ago

    Swiss Sensation

    Lol so this is your other account man, and wth are Balotelli doin right there lmao, love it

  • Eric Newman posted 530 days ago

    Eric Newman

    Hi Sports Lover. Here's my new piece:

    Hope you can give it a read. Thanks! - Eric

  • DYRO posted 532 days ago


    i like the pic

  • Eric Newman posted 533 days ago

    Eric Newman

    Hi Sports Lover. I'm back from my hiatus. Here's my latest piece. Hope you get a chance to check it out. Thanks!

  • Future Endeavored posted 538 days ago

    Future Endeavored

    Daniel Bryan is my fave wrestler. HBu? Sorry I took so long.

  • Lil Ray-Ray Jr. posted 553 days ago

    Lil Ray-Ray Jr.

    WTF is up with the titanic pic lol. Its hilarious