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Mat Selmi

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All-time top 25:

1: His Airness
2: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
3: Hakeem Olajuwon
4: Bill Russell
t5: Magic Johnson
t5: Oscar Robertson
6: Wilt Chamberlain
7: Larry Bird
8: Kobe Bryant
9: Shaquille O'Neal
t10: Dr. J
t10: Tim Duncan
11: Elgin Baylor
12: LeBron James (sidenote: ranked lower due to The Decision)
13: Jerry West
14: Kevin Garnett
15: David Robinson
16: John Stockton
17: The Answer
18: Charles Barkley
19: Isiah Thomas
20: Clyde Drexler
21: Dwyane Wade
22: Patrick Ewing
23: Gary Payton
24: Scottie Pippen
25: Jason Kidd

Honorable mention:
Karl Malone
Tim Hardaway
Moses Malone
Dirk Nowitzki
Alonzo Mourning
Kevin Durant
Grant Hill
Dennis Rodman

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  • Austin Wilson posted 460 days ago

    Austin Wilson

    Lakers are horrible!!!! They will lose Howard!!

  • Mat Selmi posted 461 days ago

    Mat Selmi


  • Anish Gandhi2 posted 463 days ago

    Anish Gandhi2

    I hate the Fakers so much from there 2002 rigged title to complaining about 2008 and another rigged title in 2010 and injuring brandon roy