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  • NBA4Three fans posted 1077 days ago

    NBA4Three fans

    so much laker hate hahhaha

  • AD Van Horn posted 1093 days ago

    AD Van Horn

    Celtics suck, now quit hating on the Lakers and Kobe.

  • carte blanche posted 1097 days ago

    carte blanche

    Your obsession with me is scary. Nothing going on in Celtic land trollboy?

  • carte blanche posted 1106 days ago

    carte blanche

    Do you ever take a break and stop hating on the Lakers/Kobe?

  • Small Fundamental posted 1113 days ago

    Small Fundamental

    Lol bro, you sore Spurs won last year??

    Lol butthurt trash

  • New York Knicks suck posted 1299 days ago

    New York Knicks suck

    "why did you called me a bandwagon when I never rout for the NY stop being lame sad kid"

    lol, does it help you sleep better at night calling me a kid when you dont even know me? And in my "bandwagon" comment did i say that you were a "knicks fan"? Please enlighten me on if I said those words. Once again, you prove to be a nothing but idiotic in the things you say and the teams you like. Bandwagon fan.

  • New York Knicks suck posted 1313 days ago

    New York Knicks suck


  • Shannon posted 1329 days ago


    Do me a favor and stop following me around on every article. Thanks. I mean look 100 days ago you were still following me around and stalking me. Get a life.

  • NBA4Three fans posted 1432 days ago

    NBA4Three fans

    @mavs113 alright man i got ya thx for the advice. That kid has nothing else to do... Trolling on my homepage lol hehehhe he is getting so much entertainment in his life :D

  • Mavs 113 posted 1433 days ago

    Mavs 113

    Hey man, ignore that Shannon guy whatsoever. Just another angry, bitter, sour, ignorant, immature Laker fan.