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  • SteelersAndPinkFloydDiva posted 1255 days ago


    what just ended there season

  • Bobbi posted 1650 days ago


    Hey Bobbi, thank you for posting on my board and becoming a fan.

    You either disabled your board or my flash isn’t working on my computer, else I’d post something on your board right now.

    Anyways, never back down from who you are.

    You might make some people upset on your left and right, but they will all respect you like I do.



  • Bobbi posted 1650 days ago


    D Port:

    Thank you for fanning me.

    NOW - I am also your fan.

    I like your comments and the way you support me on the boards.

    It started for me the day you said "You Go Girl" explaining that you

    liked the way I stood up... and was all alone as a Tebow fan...

    Not a Tebow Fanatic... That meant a lot to me!

    Your newest fan, Bobbi

  • Bobbi posted 1650 days ago


    Dang Will, you beat me to it.
    I'm sure @D knows I'm his
    first and most loyal fan!

  • D. Port posted 1650 days ago

    D. Port

    ❸, ❷, ❶,..ŽŽŽJ - E - T - S JET JETS JETS➟✈