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  • Chris Cavazos posted 1308 days ago

    Chris Cavazos

    I'm going to call you a jackass even though I don't know you. Cause ya know... it's the cool thing :l

  • Paul McNamara posted 1308 days ago

    Paul McNamara

    trolling is fun, saying you wish someone who had cancer in REALITY, had died from it is going a tad too far

  • Broken Neck posted 1308 days ago

    Broken Neck

    yeah! Paul McJackassara

  • Triple H posted 1308 days ago

    Triple H

    How is he a jackass? You're the one harassing him and calling him a jackass on his on page.

  • Paul McNamara posted 1309 days ago

    Paul McNamara

    you sir are a jackass