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  • Jon Smith posted 1526 days ago

    Jon Smith

    I always comment on your posts but you don't respond so I figured I'd post here in hopes that you see it. LEARN HOW TO CONSTRUCT A PROPER ARGUMENT WITH FACTUAL EVIDENCE INSTEAD OF BIASED OPINION NONSENSE. You have to be one of the worst contributors to this site.

  • Tony Gwynn posted 1540 days ago

    Tony Gwynn

    Why do you hate the Dodgers? Sure, you don't need to like them, but there's no need to curse the players and the fans. All of that just makes you look like a rabid dog.

  • Long gone posted 1575 days ago

    Long gone


  • Jala Peno posted 1578 days ago

    Jala Peno

    Learn how to spell and use proper punctuation when you try to tell a random internet person what to do.