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  • Mark Jimenez posted 161 days ago

    Mark Jimenez

    Cmon bro we won the championship come back!!!

  • Mr. Pink posted 334 days ago

    Mr. Pink

    hey fellow spurs fan!!!!

  • Long gone posted 367 days ago

    Long gone

    Where are U

  • The Durantula posted 443 days ago

    The Durantula

    Dude where did u disappear to?

  • Mark Jimenez posted 451 days ago

    Mark Jimenez

    Do you guys want to join my ESPN basketball league? Look it up if you've never heard of it. I'm making a league...Just ask me if you want an invite to the league...Draft will start sometime before season debut.

  • Long gone posted 510 days ago

    Long gone

  • Enzo posted 528 days ago


    woah, you've been a Spurs fan for 21 years???? man that is amazing. you were able to watch the Spurs 4 championships. how did it feel? ive only been a fan of them since 2008, so its been 5 years without seeing them win a ring. feels bad man :(

  • Andy Nolan posted 534 days ago

    Andy Nolan

    Hello bitch

  • Mark Jimenez posted 538 days ago

    Mark Jimenez

    Happy 4th of July..!

  • Long gone posted 542 days ago

    Long gone

    Do you think Patty Mills is going to last in the NBA?