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David Stowe

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In school at the moment for minor sports management and major in business management. Trying to get the right tools and people under my belt to pitch a life goal to open up a basketball facility called Area 51. I have been bowling since I was 6 years old. Would also love to become a pro bowler, or even open a bowling alley. I have great respect for the young ambitious entrepreneurs out there on the grind to make it big in the world. Definitely aren't no worries about the world ending anymore, shake my head. Currently working at a shoe store called skechers. Not the best, but always trying to better myself in day to day activities. Huge hobbies consider up of bowling, basketball and baseball. As far as sports, I can live eat and sleep sports. Huge fan of all Atlanta teams, even though we can never get over the hump! I'm new at this Bleacher Report thing, but would love to learn about the marketing skills to become more efficient at my knowledge of words and writing statistics. Any suggestions or thoughts, do let me know.


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