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  • brianna coria posted 924 days ago

    brianna coria


  • Thomas Cooper posted 928 days ago

    Thomas Cooper

    Thanks for the heads up in your edit on my Chelsea/Tottenham piece the other day, Chris.

  • Jim Flannery posted 930 days ago

    Jim Flannery

    Thanks for the edits and feedback, Chris. Much appreciated! I can't believe I forgot a question mark in the title. D'oh.

  • Austin Fox posted 932 days ago

    Austin Fox

    Hey thanks a lot!

  • Anthony Fusco posted 932 days ago

    Anthony Fusco

    Thank you for the edits, Chris!

  • Martin Telleria posted 932 days ago

    Martin Telleria

    Thanks for the edits on my Warriors piece, Chris. Much appreciated.

  • James MacDonald posted 937 days ago

    James MacDonald

    Thanks for the edits and feedback, Chris.

  • Joe Tansey posted 938 days ago

    Joe Tansey

    Thanks for all the edits and praise on my article, Chris.

  • Franklin Steele posted 957 days ago

    Franklin Steele

    Thanks for becoming a fan Chris!

  • Franklin Steele posted 963 days ago

    Franklin Steele

    Thanks a lot for taking the time to edit my article on this lovely (at least where I am) Friday evening Chris. I appreciate your time, explanations and encouraging words. Have a good night my friend.