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Corey Thrasybule

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20 years old. Die-hard Dallas Cowboys & Washington Wizards fan, I know... weird combination. Live in Maryland. Basically live and breathe sports and I rarely watch anything else.

I've been a Wizards fan for my entire life and do not plan on stopping anytime soon. I used to go to the MCI Center and watch Michael Jordan, who was way past his prime, but it didn't bother me because I can say that I got to watch the greatest NBA player ever play in person. One of my fondest memories as a Wiz fan was going to basketball camps and meeting former coach Doug Collins and players like Richard Hamilton.

I got into football late in life, but when I did the Cowboys were the team that I was immediately drawn to and I haven't looked back since. It hasn't been easy supporting this team in recent years, but I could never turn my back on this team no matter how badly they hurt me. I've never been a Redskins or a Ravens fan, and I must say, I hate both of them. I am not like most of my family who are mostly die-hard redskins fans, but I plan to start a new tradition of Dallas Cowboys fans.

It's been a rough sports life for me, the only championship I experienced and was joyful for was the Maryland Terps winning the 2002 National Championship against the Indiana Hoosiers. I still remember sitting in the living room with my entire family watching this University that was less than an hour away from me and later seeing two of the stars on that team, Juan Dixon and Steve Blake, play on my favorite NBA team.

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