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  • Muhammad Mustafa posted 675 days ago

    Muhammad Mustafa

    To further clarify, I am opposed to Wenger leaving without a confirmed, suitable, and competent candidate being presented as his replacement.

  • Muhammad Mustafa posted 675 days ago

    Muhammad Mustafa

    Jon, I'm writing this here in response to your request to clarify my position regarding the status quo at Arsenal. Although you possess an opposing point of view to mine, you seem like a civil and decent enough person to be worth discussing this with.

    I chose not to do this in the comments section, as people keep muddying up and derailing any discussion that I would wish to engage in.

    To distill my point of view in to a concise, and clear statement: I genuinely believe that the current ownership at Arsenal FC and its appointed board of directors are placing limitations on what Arsene Wenger is allowed to do and thus limiting what he able to achieve. I think that under different and more open ownership, Wenger would not be facing the problems that he is.

    It is quite clear to everyone, since Arsenal Holdings PLC's fiancial statements are published and available to the public, that Arsenal FC is bizarrely stockpiling absurd amounts of money. This puzzling practice is rightfully drawing the ire of many Arsenal fans, like yourself, as we seem to always fall short of the victory line and under-perform. The club has clearly taken in enough money to exercise the financial muscle to bid for some of the best football players, and increase their ability to compete and win. However, transfer window after transfer window, Wenger repeatedly seems to do nothing. I find that highly frustrating.

    A second matter of public record is the clear rivalry between Arsenal FC's two highest stakeholders; Stan Kroenke (66.64%) and Alisher Usmanov (30.05%). Being the majority shareholder and aspiring to takeover the club completely, Kroenke must make an offer for every available share at the club. While you cannot use the company's own money for this purpose, you can certainly borrow against it. Financial institutions will only lend against the value and equity of the company. This is exactly how the Glazers took over Manchester United. Kroenke is stockpiling cash to buy out everyone else. Furthermore, this situation also benefits Usmanov. as he can simply perform the reverse deal, and buy out Kroenke (although he would need a lot more equity). The short of it is, that Arsenal is trapped in this woeful period of underachievement after a long bout of austerity to finance the Emirates Stadium, due to a tug of war between two oligarchs. This leads me to be believe that Wenger not reluctant to spend, but instead unable to spend.

    This leads to my next point. What would his replacement be able to do instead? Granted, he could bring fresh new ideas and tactics to rejuvenate we play football. However, he would have to operate under the same limitations,

    You are right when you said that a club as large and as renowned as Arsenal FC should not be afraid to change managers when results are unsatisfactory. You are also correct in thinking that without the first, albeit potentially risky, first step that nothing will ever change. However, the efficacy of any incoming manager would be questionable at best given the trends and practices at the board level. I don't see what any other manager would be able to do, short of just playing better football, and letting the rest sort itself out. All the top managers in the world that historically do so without the backing of unlimited funds are currently occupied and engaged elsewhere. Should the opportunity for on of them to takeover here present itself, then I would not be opposed to the change.

    As it stands, I sadly see our beloved club in a state of limbo until this ownership issue is sorted out, or a competent manager that does not rely on blank checkbooks becomes available and is willing to take the reigns at Arsenal FC. I will also admit, that due to the lack of transparency in the inner workings of the Arsenal FC boardroom a lot of what I have written could be regarded as mere conjecture. It still seems to be the most reasonable explanation of whats going on in my opinion.

    I hope this provides you with some clarity on my position.

  • The Gunners posted 713 days ago

    The Gunners

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