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  • Slightly Biased Pats Fan posted 8 days ago

    Slightly Biased Pats Fan

    Bills can make the playoffs as long as they don't have a serious injury

  • Hacobo posted 12 days ago


    Have you heard of this Nikita Zaitsev guy? He tore up the KHL last year and is looking to sign in the NHL, and the Leafs seem to be frontrunners. He's a big guy at 6'2, young at 24, and is a right handed defenceman. Out of all the Leafs promising young d-men, none of them are righties. He loves to shoot the puck. Heres a video of some of his highlights

  • Mavs 113 posted 19 days ago

    Mavs 113

    Damn, Raptors 5-0...

  • Atlanta Hawks Fan posted 21 days ago

    Atlanta Hawks Fan

    Gongrats to Toronto!

  • Mavs 113 posted 27 days ago

    Mavs 113

    I know the numbers of wins and losses are probably incorrect but ain't nobody got time for big time math...

  • Mavs 113 posted 27 days ago

    Mavs 113

    Where in Europe you going? France? England? Germany? Well, you get to see the refugee crisis with your own eyes so that's cool.

    You guys still chat on the Yahoo app? So exactly how many people left and how many newbies joined the fantasy? I'm still curious to see which person replaced me.

    My 2015-2016 Halloween Prediction:
    1. Cleveland Cavaliers (54-28)
    2. Miami Heat (52-30)
    3. Chicago Bulls (51-31)
    4. Toronto Raptors (50-32)
    5. Washington Wizards (49-33)
    6. Atlanta Hawks (47-35)
    7. Indiana Pacers (43-39)
    8. Milwaukee Bucks (41-41)
    9. Detroit Pistons (39-44)
    10. Boston Celtics (37-45)
    11. Charlotte Hornets (35-47)
    12. Brooklyn Nets (31-51)
    13. Orlando Magic (30-52)
    14. New York Knicks (20-62)
    15. Philadelphia 76ers (19-63)

    1. Golden State Warriors (59-23)
    2. Oklahoma City Thunder (58-24)
    3. San Antonio Spurs (56-26)
    4. Houston Rockets (56-26)
    5. Los Angeles Clippers (54-28)
    6. Memphis Grizzlies (53-29)
    7. Dallas Mavericks (48-34)
    8. Utah Jazz (47-35)
    9. New Orleans Pelicans (42-40)
    10. Phoenix Suns (41-41)
    11. Portland Trail-Blazers (34-48)
    12. Denver Nuggets (31-51)
    13. Sacramento Kings (26-56)
    14. Los Angeles Lakers (25-57)
    15. Minnesota Timberwolves (24-58)

    I really don't have a Finals Prediction yet, I want to wait until after trade deadline then I'll see.

  • Hacobo posted 28 days ago


    Fair enough. I'm excited about the offseason, although I feel like I'll be disappointed lol. Hopefully we can re-sign Price and Estrada. Maybe even another pitcher to start or to go to the pen

  • Eric Hosmer posted 28 days ago

    Eric  Hosmer

    My bad Alex, I was thinking about a whole different person. My apologies. :)

  • Mavs 113 posted 30 days ago

    Mavs 113

    NBA season in a couple of days! You ready?

  • Patrick Allen posted 30 days ago

    Patrick Allen

    Well Alex... so much for the Jays beating the Royals. No shame in losing to the best team in the American league.