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  • Hacobo posted 4 hours ago


    Yeah I'm going to a game in September against the Yankees. I think the 23rd. I was deciding on whether I would go to the game against the Yankees or the game against the Tigers (the one EE got 3 homers). I decided to go to the Yankees since it'll likely be a closer more entertaining game, and it'll be in the heat of the playoff race. I'm really excited about it. Right now there is no team better than the Jays. If we had this team from day 1 we would be right up there with the Cardinals and Pirates

  • Hacobo posted 2 days ago


    How about EE's home run hattrick? Go Jays!

  • A Reasonable Pats Fan posted 2 days ago

    A Reasonable Pats Fan

    sup alex f

  • Hacobo posted 5 days ago


    While the Yanks have their arrogant/cocky fans, you can't deny that the Jays don't have any either. Although the arrogant Yanks fan tend to pull more bullshit out of their asses lol. It will be a close battle but I think we will pull through

  • JAYS posted 6 days ago


    Oh, I'm all to familiar with Jeff. But I rather make a new account than apologize for calling someone stupid.I used to do the 3 strike policy thing, then I started posting pictures on B/r, and now that's gone I believe.

  • JAYS posted 9 days ago


    I'm surprised at how you have been on B/r for 3 years and haven't gotten banned it.

  • Hacobo posted 15 days ago


    That was an impressive streak, but this recent series against the Yanks has brought us closer to earth a bit. The Yanks still might win the AL East, but it definitely won't be as easy as we thought. Lets make sure we don't get swept and keep winning. It's fun having a winning team in TO

  • JAYS posted 16 days ago


    So you're telling me that people who weren't on this site when I was on, know me as a commenting legend ? Daaaaamn, didn't know I had a legacy lol

  • Jose Bautista posted 20 days ago

    Jose Bautista


  • Hacobo posted 21 days ago


    Big sweep this weekend! Our defence is looking really solid only allowing 1 run in three games is pretty damn impressive, especially against a powerhouse team like the Yanks. Every acquisition we made has been doing their part and well, lets hope this keeps up and we make the playoffs!