Guerrilla Fight

Guerrilla Fight


Guerrilla Fight is the combat sports division under the Guerrilla Radio umbrella. The short story is that Guerrilla is a media network consisting of Internet Radio, numerous alternative sports news portals and blogs, and a Tee Shirt design company located at

If you're happy with the short answer, here's your exit. If you want a further explanation about Guerrilla, by all means continue (you self hating freak).

Guerrilla Radio has been around since the beginning of radio. It is synonymous with "The Underground". Used in a major conflict for the first time in WWII by the Phillipine resistance to Imperial Japan, it surprises many that the concept is very much an American ideal. A powerful tool for organization and communication, this alternative source of information has found a new home in the age of the
Internet. The URL address at GuerrillaRadio.Com had been sitting on a shelf, collecting dust for many years, waiting to re-emerge with purpose. It did so when we launched the mother ship, Guerrilla Radio in 2007. We respect the heritage of the name, and although our sights cannot possibly be as lofty as many Guerrillas of the past (including America's own Revolutionaries), we hope that you enjoy our alternative take on sports and music. http://GuerrillaRadio.Com |

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