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Sometimes the words write the emotions and sometimes the emotions write the words. I am just trying to find a balance and do a little bit of both.

A born and raised New York sports junkie, I have the utmost NY pride and support all of our teams, in particular the Giants and the Mets. My work in sports journalism has led me to cover the Philly Eagles, the NY Rangers, and, most enjoyably, a range of athletes at the US Open. While I do love tennis, football and basketball, in particular, my real passion is soccer - the REAL football - and my passion peaks with Chelsea FC.

Most of the articles that I write on here will probably cover the English Premier League and Chelsea or England in particular. Why write if not about what you love?

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  • Christopher Williams posted 2250 days ago

    Christopher Williams

    Hi. If you get time, check out my article.

  • Salaar Shamsi posted 2437 days ago

    Salaar Shamsi

    Amazing effort for your first article on Bleacher Report..Just wanted to congratulate on the excellent response.

    Thanks For Sharing Steph

  • Andrew Barry posted 2443 days ago

    Andrew Barry

    Congrats on article of the day, quality piece