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I have recently graduated from Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY. I had a sports talk radio show on my college station called Rock and Jock Radio. I am an avid sports fan of the Braves, Bulls, Chiefs, and Penguins. I also enjoy watching pro wrestling occasionally. I grew up in CT going against a legion of Yankee and Knick fans in my area. I hope that one day I will be able to work somewhere in the field of sports talk, but I also dream to become a broadcaster.

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  • Tiffany Brennan posted 1709 days ago

    Tiffany Brennan

    You're welcome, Morgan—and yeah, hopefully the Phils can keep up with the Braves and Nats and make it interesting.

  • Kelly R posted 1714 days ago

    Kelly R

    You're welcome, Morgan hope it helped!

  • Amy Coles posted 1890 days ago

    Amy Coles

    No problem, Morgan. I hope that it helped!

  • Ash Marshall posted 2513 days ago

    Ash Marshall

    Hey Morgan, are you sill editing my Nadal article? It keeps saying that you're in it (but it has said that for the last 2 hours) and I didn't know if you had forgot to log out of the queue by mistake.



  • Bryan Hollister posted 2513 days ago

    Bryan Hollister

    Dang....forgot the Packers were a 6th seed too...still, it was poetic...thanks for the catch!

  • David Daniels posted 2513 days ago

    David Daniels

    Thanks a ton for the edit man, I was in a rush, 1000 word paper due tomorrow...

  • Nabeel Khokhar posted 2514 days ago

    Nabeel Khokhar

    Hi Morgan, could you please edit my latest story.


  • Rich Fernandes posted 2517 days ago

    Rich Fernandes

    Thanks very much for the edits, Morgan. Have a great day!

  • Nabeel Khokhar posted 2519 days ago

    Nabeel Khokhar

    Thanks for the edits Morgan.

  • Adi-Oula Sebastian posted 2519 days ago

    Adi-Oula Sebastian

    Thanks a lot for the edits Morgan!