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I was born in Carnegie, PA. As such, I'm a die hard Penguins and Steelers fan. Occasionally, I follow the Pirates too. Can you really blame me?

I live near Charleston, SC so following has gotten a little harder, but I do my best.

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  • SteelersAndPinkFloydDiva posted 1274 days ago



  • JW Nix posted 2825 days ago

    JW Nix

    PLEASE Read this story on a Lions and Rams Legend :

  • Jack thetraveller posted 3138 days ago

    Jack thetraveller

    i know ur a pens fan-just thought as an nhl fan u might like the article.

  • Miah D. posted 3368 days ago

    Miah D.

    first off, thanks for the add!
    second, I know, sounds strange from a die hard habs fan, from montreal, from quebec!!!
    but gotta keep it real sometimes. I think the pens have a more consistent team in a matter of talent.
    i have watched enough canadiens games in my life to ensure u that it is not because they ended up first last year that they are guaranteed a spot up there again this year. it will take twice as much work, which i am afraid of, since the surprise effect is gone now!

    enjoy the season, must be quite exciting to root for the pens!
    i ll be watching how they do, for sure!

    cheers, Miah ;)

  • Matt Hunter posted 3377 days ago

    Matt Hunter

    hey nick this is my first nfl write up on here. wondering if you wouldn't mind giving it a read through for me.


  • Wooooo posted 3441 days ago


    thanks for the add

  • Wooooo posted 3442 days ago


    One more thing, I just dropped by your blog....looks good.

    I started running my own blog a few months ago, Experiencing the Evolution(, and I'm gonna go ahead and add you to the links section.
    Drop by if you get a second and take a look.
    Thanks man

  • Wooooo posted 3442 days ago


    Hey man, welcome to BR. I'm the Community Leader for the Penguins sections and I just wanted to drop you a line and welcome you to the site.
    I enjoyed your first article about the Pens' offseason moves, keep up the good work.
    If you have any questions, comments, ideas, or just wanna talk anything Penguins, just drop me a line on my board or shoot me an e-mail (my address is on my profile page).
    Take it easy, and Let's GO Pens.