C.J. Moore is the College Basketball National Lead Writer at Bleacher Report. His work has appeared in the Kansas City Star, the Denver Post, Basketball Prospectus, MLB.com and NBCSports.com. He was formerly a blogger at CBSSports.com where he covered the Big 12 and Kansas City Chiefs. You can follow him on twitter @CJMooreBR.

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  • tim oates posted 79 days ago

    tim oates

    How can Roy be the best, he has won most of his games including 2 rings with players that should have not even been in school must less not the team. Fact.

  • Austen Rotker posted 317 days ago

    Austen Rotker

    Hi C.J., I recently read your piece on the events to watch for World Records to be broken at Rio this summer. Excellent work. If it isn't too late, I recommend you add Asbel Kiprop from Kenya to the list. He was 0.69 seconds off the 1500 meter world record last summer and looks to be in excellent form coming into this Olympics. Also, the record is 18 YEARS OLD!!!

  • Michael Snyder posted 455 days ago

    Michael Snyder

    Correction, you put Gbinije honorable mention. Still absurd.

  • Michael Snyder posted 456 days ago

    Michael Snyder

    You recently wrote an article on the top 20 players left in the NCAA tournament and failed to mention Michael Gbinije. His scoring total is certainly enough to be given recognition at 17.8 pts per game and he leads all remaining players in the tournament in steals. Those two stats along with four rebounds and assists per game rounds him out pretty well. Aside from a statistical stand point, he is the starting point guard on a point guard-less team that has made it to the sweet 16 as a 10 seed. And is absolutely crucial part of syracuse 2-3 zone, which as any basketball fan should know is the best zone in the country. Along with Roberson, his help down low is the reason Tyler Lydon has been able to play the middle of the zone while being under-sized. Much debate can be put into saying he is a top 10 player left in the tournament. I think its almost a slap in the face to Gbinije for all he's done this season as a player and for his team to not mention him as a top 20 player remaining in the tournament.

  • jason peters posted 1162 days ago

    jason peters

    Rex Walters and Kirck Hinrich are my two fav Jayhawks

  • jason peters posted 1162 days ago

    jason peters

    Turners a Jayhawk

  • Daniel Goering posted 1259 days ago

    Daniel Goering

    What (if anything) is up with Andrew White?

  • Peter Marshall posted 1323 days ago

    Peter  Marshall

    Keystone State Invitational Elite on Sunday July 28 in Bloomsburg, PA Dylan Marshall was featured after the first game day overall with 9 steals, 33 points, and 12 assists. He received a letter from The National Recruiter Scouting Service Boston, MA for this performance. He has had similar days at Hoop Group Elite-2 over 800 players from around country. and HG Academic team went udefeated into championship game. Dylan posted 15 ppg, 3 stg, 6 apg. This kid is an under the radar PG that is now getting some looks from Ivy, D-1 and D-2 schools. http://youtu.be/1HPRBE6YAVY

  • Peter Marshall posted 1323 days ago

    Peter  Marshall

    CJ Awesome Job. Check out this HS Senior Dylan Marshall, Game-1stats: 18-Pts, 5-A, 0-Stl. Game-2: 26-Pts, 6-A, 2-Stl. Game-3: 9-Pts, 7-A, 3-Stl. 3~ game totals: 53-Pts, 5-Stl, 18-A. Avg/game: 17.6-Pts, 6-A, 1.66-Stl. VIDEO- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rH29bXUUs8o

  • Ryan Curi posted 1329 days ago

    Ryan Curi

    Can I get in on the weekly B/R college basketball writer top 25 rankings, or whatever other lists you guys come up with? Would be glad to contribute and be a part of that, thanks!