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  • Tyler Quinn posted 1585 days ago

    Tyler Quinn

    Hey there little dick peckerhead! I see you are still a scUM fan. Well, I guess you can't fix stupid.

  • Tyler Quinn posted 1626 days ago

    Tyler Quinn

    Not bold just the facts. You will never make it into the playoffs even with your weak schedule. ND might not have won some bowl games lately but neither has UM. At least we make it to the big ones. You must not know how to read. Go look at the contract ND signed with NBC and tell me ND regrets not signing with the BTN. We also get a chunk of the ACC money to. It is great being independent! We will see what you do with your weak lines this year and without puntarm. Good luck breaking 8-5.

  • Tyler Quinn posted 1631 days ago

    Tyler Quinn

    Boy, someone doesn't take his meds on a daily basis. When was the last time scUM went to the NT? Even in the years that scUM beat ND, ND finished ranked higher than them.
    You can spin it however you want but scUM is just the punching bag of OSU and will never win the conference title nor ever get to the playoffs. scUM may have a good recruit year, here and there, but they never do anything with it.
    If it isn't MSU whipping your ass, it is Nebraska, or OSU. scUM is the gatekeeper to the conference title game. You are lucky Golson got caught cheating cause ND was going to whip you in your own house. Even without him, ND will still win more games than scUM and they have a stronger SOS than scUM does.
    Keep playing your powder puff games while ND plays the entire country on our own sports package. I would say see in the future playoffs but they only way that will happen is if ND hires all the scUM alum working at McDonald's to run the concessions stands.

  • Tyler Quinn posted 1640 days ago

    Tyler Quinn

    You're a pathetic UM troll. When was the last time that UM was to a NT title game? When did they win one? 1997! Then it was 50 years before that. Your school is a joke and you can't hold a flame to ND. Great way to win over the last 13 years and have nothing to show for it. You have a mediocre school and are a mediocre fan. Good luck ever getting to the playoffs with OSU and MSU on the rise and UM on the downslide.