I was born and raised in south-central Pennsylvania at the epicenter of the Baltimore, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Washington fan bases. Rather than aligning myself with one of those cities, or worse, rooting for some combination of the four based on whichever was doing the best in each sport at the time, I went outside the box and chose to root against my dad’s favorite teams. To this day, I’m not sure why he chose the Raiders, the Phillies, and the Tar Heels, but I became a Chiefs, Braves, and Blue Devils fanatic; although the baseball allegiance has since shifted from Atlanta to Houston to Washington. Go Nats.

I started writing about fantasy football in 2006 before eventually realizing I had a better chance of winning the lottery than getting noticed for doing exactly what every other 20-29 year old sports fan with an opinion was doing. I shifted gears to college basketball in 2009 and have been obsessively writing about bracketology and bubble watches ever since. If you stick with me throughout the season, I personally guarantee that the odds of winning your local bracket pool will increase by up to 1%.

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  • Jordan Bade posted 105 days ago

    Jordan Bade

    I don't care who you pick but your attitude in doing so is piss poor. Outspoken Badger fans? Learn some professionalism, if you let people get under your skin that easy you should seek a new profession.

  • TOBIN JONES posted 106 days ago


    Oh and another thing. Az will speed-up the tempo of this game. They will dominate this game if they get out in transition. Your remark makes it sound as if AZ wants a half-court game. Are U kidding?

  • TOBIN JONES posted 106 days ago


    Baylor? Lots of muscle but don't play well as a team or together. They had no chance in this game. Easiest bet of the four games on Thursday.

  • Tony Phillips posted 118 days ago

    Tony Phillips

    Re-check those odds in today's "NCAA Brackets 2014: Do's and Don'ts." One perfect bracket at 9.23 quintillion to one, divided by 10,000 different brackets per year, divided by 100 years, equals 9.23 trillion to one. --Tony, Business Intelligence Analytics Statistician

  • Gregy Ham posted 122 days ago

    Gregy Ham

    Alabama St has less than half the chance of Texas Southern to win the bid. It is a joke that you have Alabama St listed in your bracket projections still.

  • Vic Navarro posted 123 days ago

    Vic Navarro

    Hey Kerry, what tool or website do you use to build the NCAA bracket with the team logos on it? Love your stuff! Thanks!

  • Chim Richalds posted 209 days ago

    Chim Richalds

    Kerry has daddy issues...

    "Nothing could be my father from the truth."
    --Ooh! You said "my father."
    "No, I dadn't."
    "Didn't. Did not."
    "For me, this is a dad issue."
    "Dead issue! Dead dad! Deadbeat dad! Daddy didn't love meee!"

    ..Aaaand commence the school children dancing around the maypole chanting "Kerry has daddy issues - Kerry has daddy issues. La Lala La La La" followed by raspberries. Soon comes the book-dumping, locker stuffing, wienie magic-markering, and ultimately swirlie-giving.

  • Greg Riehl posted 234 days ago

    Greg Riehl

    Do you mind telling both sides of the story to the Grinnell kid scoring 100 pts a game? Read this and tell me it's impressive what he's doing.


  • Michael Tinsley posted 312 days ago

    Michael Tinsley

    Your top 25 'superstars' didn't include Chris Johnson of the Braves who's leading the NL in batting. Is that because he's a relative newcomer ?
    I don't think he's going away and will probably win the batting title this year.Maybe he'll be on your list next year....

  • Jake Barber posted 474 days ago

    Jake Barber

    No, I'm picking Oregon because I believe they have a good chance to beat Louisvile

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