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Tyler Rafferty

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After playing varsity football and basketball in high school, I decided to try sports that are atypical in the U.S. Once I started my education in chemical engineering at Michigan State University, I played ultimate frisbee, table tennis, and eventually quidditch. The unique sport of quidditch stuck with me. It is the only intercollegiate, co-ed, full-contact team sport I know of. Quidditch is quickly growing into a community sport as well. I started watching film in Feb. 2012, and started playing in March 2012. I continue to study chemical engineering at Michigan State University, and enjoy my leadership roles on the team.

I founded and manage, From The Keeper Zone, a website dedicated to furthering analysis, strategy, and use of statistics in quidditch. The sport is very dynamic, uses 4 balls, has a third-party player, and is quickly becoming a very popular team hand-ball sport in the U.S. I am also the #1 overall draft pick in the 2012 Midwest Fantasy tournament (the first year it was held).

I enjoy sports analysis and writing. My articles are schedule to be published in a French quidditch magazine, published on the Eighth Man. Eighth Man is another quidditch analysis website which focuses more on giving advice to quidditch organizations and archiving quidditch history. I was also interviewed for Quidditch Quarterly, the IQA endorsed quidditch magazine.

I am looking to translate my skills into more mainstreams sports, primarily american football, while still pushing the limits of analysis and writing in quidditch.

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