Jeff Leets

Jeff Leets


A lifelong fan, player and coach of the best game on earth, football. A commited and loyal fan for 20+ years of The Oakland Raiders. A Dodger fan since my youth. A Laker fan since the days when short shorts were in. I love MMA and all things where your heart and soul are tested one on one. Wrestling, MMA, boxing, etc. Feel free to send me feedback or comments.

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  • Tommy Turrey posted 3066 days ago

    Tommy Turrey

    great video on ur boy man! that wuz a real fun age 4 me also, my boy is playing on Friday nights now as a JR, which is still kool, but its always a joy wen those lil guyz r flyin' all over the field & makin hits.

    keep that Raider faith bro!

  • Tommy Turrey posted 3067 days ago

    Tommy Turrey

    i came across ur article on youth sports as i read the piece u did on satele & i totally c where ur coming from on that cuz i still coach football & used 2 coach lil league. u hit the nail right on the head man, good read. volunteers rule & its all bout molding these young people 2 b good citizens & trying 2 make this world a better place!!!

    peace out -< >- 2 fingers.......

  • Panty Raider AKA Big Raid posted 3071 days ago

    Panty Raider AKA Big Raid

    WOW Right on. That Kid is a monster in the Making. Hopefully well have some Silver and Black recruits in a few years..
    I have a 14yr old that's 6.2 throws right or left handed. All the speed in the world. Lays wood like a lumber jack. Can Catch anything and is impossible to bring down..