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  • Tim Hooper posted 1521 days ago

    Tim Hooper

    Your preview of the mariners is wrong in so many ways, and for that I will give it piece by piece.
    "1. Rotation. You act like Iwakuma has never pitched in the majors. Once he was moved into the starting rotation, he had like a 2.60 ERA in 20 starts. He signed a 2 year extension this offseason also.
    2. Infield. You completely ignore Kyle Seager who had 20 homeruns and 86 rbi's in his first full year in the majors. Dustin Ackley had success his first year, but since he didn't live up to his potential last year, it's time to give up on him?
    3. Lineup wise. The mariners are not realying on Ibanez or Bay. Ibanez was signed for much needed vetaran leadership, while the team was just hoping to get lucky with Bay. You make no mention of the improvement to the lineup that Morales and Morse will bring.
    4. Last but not least, record. You predict the Mariners will lose 1 more game then they did last year. After all th improvements they made, they're worse then they ar last year? Signing Saunders to replace Vargas? Adding Morales? Adding Morse? The fences coming in so balls wont just die? Yet somehow, they're gonna be worse? Learn more about the mariners."

    Does any of this sound familiar? LOL

    I truly hope you will give up sports as a hobby.. You're doing it wrong.

    PS the M's WERE worse... A LOT worse than they were last year. Seems YOU need to "learn more about the Mariners"